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Exciting opportunity to earn decent money in relaxed and friendly environment! Have you been working with threatening and aggressive management in some dive? Have you been stressed out about your earnings and working hours? Have they tried to make you work pretty much 24/7 even though clients only show at certain times of the day? It’s time to change that for the better!
At Hazel’s Ladies you choose when, where and how you want to work! A client has been abusive? First of all, I am doing my very best to not send rude clients! You are free to decline and terminate the booking at any time. It’s also an ideal opportunity for women who work occasionally in this line of work. Do you wish to work weekends or a few days a week / month / year? No worries! You choose your rates and services.My name is Innessa and I have been working with ladies in Amsterdam and various locations around Europe for 7 years, arranging client appointments and providing safe locations for my ladies. I am looking for ladies all nationalities, preferably slim or average dress size. I provide appointments and you can work from private apartments. No experience necessary, only ladies 18 or over. PLEASE ATTACH A FEW GEUINE PHOTOS IN YOUR APPLICATION.